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Questions about lists, expenses and settlements

  • How do I add an expense?

    To explain the way you have to enter an expense, we use an example. There is a student house with 4 room mates, Daan Bart, Fleur and Anne. Today Bart cooked and paid for the groceries. Bart, Daan and Fleur join the diner and Fleur has invited a friend that also joins. We enter this as follows:

    • Paid by: Bart
    • Date: default set to today
    • Amount: total amount of the groceries
    • Description: short description like "Groceries for diner"
    • Optionally you can add a picture of the receipt

    Under participants we enter for each room mate their share in this expense. In this case we choose Daan 1x, Bart 1x and Fleur 2x because she's also paying for her friend. Anne's share we leave at 0x because she didn't join the diner.

  • How can I delete a list?

    You can't delete a list for all participants, but you can remove yourself from a list. This is only possible when your balance is 0. To remove yourself from a list, go to List settings > Members > and click your name. Then remove yourself from the list. If you have removed yourself from a list, this list is will remain visible for all other members of that list.

  • How can I remove a member from a list?

    A balance has to be 0 in order to remove yourself or any other member from a list. In order to get all balances to 0, you can settle a list. You can also settle with a member by entering an expense with the amount you are positive or negative and with this other member as participant.

  • I can't edit some expenses anymore, why?

    After  a member is deleted from a list, all expenses with this member can't be editted anymore.  Otherwise the list balances wouldn't be correct anymore.

  • What happens when I settle a list?

    When you settle a list, the following things will happen:

    • We use a smart algorithm to calculate who has to pay what to whom
    • All expenses will be archived and can't be edited anymore. Expenses remain visible under Previous Settlements > Expenses
    • The settlement including all expenses will also be saved as a PDF
    • The settlement including PDF will automatically be mailed to all members when the list gets settled

    Please note: A settlement can not be reversed. Be sure that all members have entered their expenses correctly before someone settles a list.

    After having settled a list, you can keep using the list. You can add new expenses and can settle the list as many times as you want.

  • Why do I need to pay someone back who I did not shared expenses with?

    The calculation algorithm when someone settles the list doesn’t take into account who has paid for whom before. It calculates the most efficient way to settle the list, minimizing the number of required transactions.

  • Somebody pays 1 cent more than the other participants, why's that?

    If you enter an expense of €10 and three people participate, the costs per person are €3.33. But 3x €3.33 is €9.99 and thus your are missing €0,01. Because we want all balances to be exactly correct from an accountancy point of view, one of the three participants needs to pay €3.34. The system chooses this person randomly, only the payer of the expense never has to pay this extra cent.

  • Why are the total expenses under the balance more than the sum of all expenses of all members?

    It's possible that the total expenses on a list shown on the balance page, is more than the sum of all expenses of all members.

    In the calculation of the total expenses of the list, the expenses of deleted members are included. These deleted members are not shown on the balance page.

    After you settle the list, the expenses of deleted members are not included in the total expense amount anymore.

  • Where can I see the expense history of my settled lists?

    When you settle a list, you can download a PDF with all settlements and all expenses. You can find these PDFs under the Settlements tab.

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