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Splitwise switch service

Looking for the best and free alternative for Splitwise? Come join Splitser the leading and award winning group expense management app!

4 million people already are using our app to settle their group expenses.

Splitser was founded in 2005 in the Netherlands and is made with ❤️ in Amsterdam.

How it works

It’s super easy to switch. We have built the Splitser switch service! You can now import your Splitwise transactions directly into our app.

Start import

1. Create Splitwise export

  • Go to your Splitwise group and create an CSV-export
  • Save your export to your device
Export group from Splitwise

2. Login to Splitser or create an account

  • Before you can start the importer make sure you are logged in
  • If you don’t have an account yet, create one first
Login or create Splitser account

3. Import your data

  • To import your data, click on the button “Start import”
  • Choose the exported CSV-file you’ve created in step 1
  • Pick your name from the list and click Create list

It may take a few minutes before your transaction data shows up in your newly create list

Start import

Start importer

4. Invite your friends

When your import is done, you can invite your friends by sharing an invitation link
Your friends should choose their own name when joining the list

Invite friends

Why should you join us?

Not only do we offer the best available user experience out there we also offer great features for free!

  • iOS, Android and WEB app available
  • Unlimited lists (groups)
  • No crazy limits on expenses
  • Each list (group) can hold up to 150 members!
  • We support 150+ currencies, which you can use mixed together on one single list
  • Realtime currency conversion
  • Split expenses by share or specific amount
  • We support expenses, incomes and mutual money transfers via PayPal, iDEAL or Bancontact
  • Automatically generated settlement PDF when a list is settled
  • Payment integrations with PayPal, iDEAL or Bancontact
  • Best Finance App of the Year 2022, 2023

So if you are looking for the best and free alternative for Splitwise? Come join Splitser the leading and award winning group expense management app!


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What other users say

I don't think bill splitting can get easier than this. It is far superior than Splitwise and other apps. It is free and has no strings attached till date.
Excellent. Moved from Splitwise after they added the daily transaction limit on the free account. This app is well built and has intuitive design. All the basic functions for bill splitting and no ads. I love that a web version is also available. Many thanks to the developer!
I was looking for an alternative to Splitwise and I found this app which is perfect for my use as a couple. Very simple to use, once the list and the group have been created, you add the operations quickly. Bravo for this very successful achievement!
I replaced Splitwise with Splitser. Good design. Very promising app - I hope they will develop it further :)

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